Should we pose when having our photograph taken?

I do not called it posing, what I always suggest to my couples, it is to let me directed them on the best light, location and we will create images that will thrill you and your family;  for sure we capture those casual moments that actually occurred.

Whilst you can have portraits taken with ease, we are happy to let people just connect and be alive – we can then capture the spectacle of life.

Do you provide traditional imagery?

Yes, we do. We make sure that all photos come with that professional feel, so that you know you have received them via a photographer. We take group photos, portraits, details of dresses etc. and also styling of the area such as tables and the like. We look to capture every moment, big and small, giving you the perfect album.

Do you work abroad?

Yes, we cover the vast majority of Europe. For more details on where we cover, contact us at  info@fineart-photography.ch .

Can we print the images?

Yes, you can – we’ll deliver the images in a HD USB disk whereby you can then take the images that you wish to have and arrange them. We can help you make up professional arrangements too; just contact us

How do you operate?

We take on, at most, two weddings per week. This means that we can give a first come, first serve approach to clients but more importantly it means we are running on 100% energy to get the job done. Just send an e-mail to us if you would like to know more about our availability.

Can I choose a wedding album?

Yes, no problem at all. Just let us know what you would as we have numerous styles to fit any generation and theme. Our albums come from a reliable album printing company here in Europe, and tend to carry their own unique look and charm, so just get in touch with us if you need any more details.

When do we receive the images?

We can hopefully show you a sneak peak of the images after one the wedding has finished, but then we will get to work on producing all the images taken throughout the day. However, please be aware that we have to digitally remaster every image and optimize them for your own usage – this can take up to eight weeks. We’ll have to carry out this specific design process to ensure the images come out looking their very best, so if you have any concerns or problems with this please let us know and we can arrange a suitable response for you.

How much do you cost?

Please check send us an email and we will happily send you our pricing packages.

Do you provide custom packages?

For more details about these custom packages, please contact us and we can arrange a fair pricing strucuter for you.